Short Stories

From Where We Rush Forth forthcoming at The Kenyon Review

Rites forthcoming at Sequestrum

Disappear by Numbers at Vol. 1 Brooklyn

You Will Know Elasticity at The Los Angeles Review

Ache at Joyland

Three Shorts at Knee-Jerk Magazine

Adlai at Burrow Press Review

How to Tell Him at Corium Magazine

Effigy of a Princess at IDK Magazine

Perfidy at PANK

Floyd at Quiet Lightning’s Sparkle & Blink


Essays & Reviews

Come Back Moustache, Come Back at Barrelhouse

Another Year Older and Deeper in Debt in Without a Net: The Female Experience of Growing Up Working Class

Snail Love forthcoming at Anastamos

Another Year Older and Deeper in Debt at Scoundrel Time

Mom Before New York at Word Riot

Butterflies Appeared While Reading Ways to Disappear at Aster(ix) Journal

The One I Love at The Female Gaze

Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer at The Female Gaze



Four Poems at Heavy Feather Review

Big Brains in Semiperfect, Issue Five

Two Truisms in Semiperfect, Issue Three

Untitled & Brother in Semiperfect, Issue One

Ex at Blueprint Magazine



Success Is Part Talent & Part Perseverance: An interview with Maggie Messitt at Creative Nonfiction

Finding the Balance Between Perfectionism & Pragmatism: An interview with Lise Funderburg at Creative Nonfiction

Rejection Comes to Everyone: An interview with Geeta Kothari at Creative Nonfiction

We Can Only Navigate With What We Know: A conversation with Elane Johnson at Creative Nonfiction

How Place Makes Us Human: A conversation with Amaris Ketcham at Creative Nonfiction

The Rumpus Mini-Interview Project #37: Rachel Ann Brickner in Conversation with Varun Bhandari at The Rumpus



Bon Voyage in Some Things Don’t Work Out, Issue Four

In the House of the Dead in Some Things Don’t Work Out, Issue Three

Loving V. in Some Things Don’t Work Out, Issue Two

My John in Some Things Don’t Work Out, Issue One

Adulthood: Observations & Questions at 30, Issue Two

Adulthood: Lessons at 27, Issue One